Monday, November 30, 2015

General Info

Happy December!  As part of my final project for my Global Development class, I am being asked to "share your passion for an issue by promoting awareness and ultimately inspiring action in others."  Global literacy/education is a cause I feel very strongly about; it is statistically proven that as literacy rates increase, poverty decreases.  My plan for this project is multi-faceted:

  • Raise awareness for the problem of illiteracy by posting daily throughout December about the subject on Twitter- short statistics, quotes about the importance of education, and occasional links to additional sites and sources
  • Post daily on this site, sometimes the same things as on Twitter, sometimes longer, more detailed posts
  • Design and create a mural to be hung somewhere on MMU campus to further the school community's awareness
  • Most importantly, the MMU Model United Nations Club will be leading a serious debate over the subject of global primary education sometime this semester.  This simulated UN event will inspire other students to think deeply about how the global community can work together to put all children in school.
  • A potential fundraiser later in the school year with all proceeds going to the Global Partnership for Education, a non-profit organization which works at all levels of education in developing countries to give all children the education they deserve.  For more info, go here.

Join me on Twitter @gretchenelisew for quick daily updates and info!  Thank you so much for following along!